Signing up to Three Peaks Challenge

Yesterday I completed my first ever Three Peaks Challenge. It was tough in ways, but not as challenging as I originally feared.

My boss posed the question pre-Christmas 2014; “Who’s up for doing the Three Peaks?”, he said. “What’s that?”, I think was my reply. Followed by “What would you want to do that for?” after he’d explained.

A month later and I’d changed my mind, signed up and became the Three Peaks biggest advocate. It was me, my boss and two other colleagues. September 11th. That’s when we were doing it. But we wouldn’t tell anybody yet. No – not yet. Not until we’d done at least one of them and hadn’t collapsed mid-climb.

So, in Feb 2015, we set off to Snowdon. Conditions were awful (and the worst we would ever face in 2015). Snow, rain, 80mph winds and us, the novice climbers. We managed to slowly get around 80% of the way up until we reached a pretty dangerous point. The next 100m or so of ascent, until the summit, required a scramble. The issue we faced was; do we risk it, not being able to see where we’d scrambling up, or do we call it a day and head back down?

We toyed with the question for a good 20 minutes until we agreed to turn back. The path was impossible to see from where we were, the winds made us uneasy and we saw a few too-close-to-the-edge near falls as we sat and pondered over what to do.

Defeated, we arrived back to the Pen-y-pas car park 5 hours later. Cold, tired and very relieved to be back on flat ground.

Monday soon arrived and we all somehow managed to hobble into work. But what happened then wasn’t to be expected; we discussed how it went, told horror stories to colleagues and then met as a four to discuss. One thing that came out of the meeting was that we were unanimous; we still wanted to do the Three Peaks.