Beardy high-fives

I don’t know if I’d be terrified or find t hilarious if a really beardy man high-fived me out of the blue. None the less, this video is awesome & a sure fire way you make you start your day with a smile!    

Ted Baker and #Tisfortall

The Tall Man gets take into consideration by Ted Baker. Finally – someone takes account of the not-so-little man. No longer will you have to look for a Small, Medium or Large size. Those days are gone, apparently. If you’re tall, look for the ‘Tall’ sizes. I can’t tell you…

The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Recipe for disaster?

The Sims 4 was released not too long ago on PC. For Windows. But why not for Mac? I’d but it. But I can’t. Because I have a Macbook Pro, and not a laptop or PC. It’s a ludicrous business decision not to launch both platforms at the same time….

Lets have a takeaway

Good job to the Just Eat team. This ad is great. …although I can’t say I ever have (or have ever been tempted to) fist pumped on the news of a takeaway. I guess with creeping competition from Hungry House, Just Eat had to do something to pull it out…

Topman Halloween underwear

Halloween time… already?

Well – the retailers are ready for Halloween, but are you? It might be a little bit too early this year to even think about Halloween, but I guess all of the seasons and festivities are good money makers, so it probably pays to be ahead of the game. But…

Scotland, please don’t go

Scotland. We’re sorry. We’re sorry that you feel alone and we’re sorry that you feel let down. It wasn’t intentional, and we promise to change. But remember that you’re not alone in this London-centric United Kingdom. Stay in the Union and we can all benefit from devolution. Us Scousers in…

Take me to Church

Cue the excitement. Today I bought two tickets to go see Hozier next month – my prayers have been answered!