The Amateur Designer

I’ve never thought I was anything like some of the greats out there – or even some of the graphic designers I’ve come across, but I’ve always been fascinated by Adobe programs; photoshop first and foremost. Then I came across inDesign and tried to throw a few booklets together – I visualised a very short ebook I wrote about social media. Then, along came illustrator.

It was then that I got a taste of what you can do with technology; how you can transform drawings and ideas into good looking visuals. It was then that I got hopeful that – whilst I’ve never been a great drawer – I could design. Amateurly, admittedly. But practice makes perfect.

Self teaching is something I do a lot. I self taught HTML (at least the basics!) from age 14. Then I self taught myself everything else from there; how to set-up websites, how to make them. How to SEO. How to PPC. Everything I do in my professional life today, it was all self taught.

There might be something to be said about self teaching; I mean – it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but its certainly more fulfilling to self teach and then just get it.

Six months ago I couldn’t even use the pen tool in illustrator. But now? It’s second nature – I’m designing things like there’s no tomorrow. I just hope that one day I’ll be semi-OK.

Until then, you designers are safe in your jobs.

But to be fair. I’d only be able to take one of your jobs – and I don’t think I ever will. I respect good work too much. And I’ve worked with plenty of good designers. Hat tip to We are Magpie (Prev. Magpie Comms) at this point; some of the best.

I’ll post some bits and bobs when I’ve got them done. I’m new, after all. So be patient.

I’m exploring rockets and moons at the moment. Somewhat fascinated.

Rocket & Moon Graphic