Parks and Recreation – Pawnee Forever

That’s a wrap.

Parks and Recreation is no more. Well, it still exists, but it’s ended. Series 7 came and went very quickly in the United States, and Leslie, Ron & gang have braced our screens one final time.

The season finale provided closure for views of Parks and Recreation; it shows us that life goes on, that people move on; they change, they grow. It showed us that there is life after Pawnee. But the whole “No matter where you’re headed, never forget where you came from” springs to mind.

Garry. Jerry. Larry. Whatever you want to call him. Garry “Butter fingers” Gingrich has the most prosperous future, it seems. 100 years old and loving life. Well – who wouldn’t be if your wife never aged? That’s right; Gail still looks as blonde and as youthful as ever, despite the world around her changing incredibly.

The gang are all moving onto pastures new. Leslie, Ben, April & Andy are off to Washington DC to start new adventures. Tom, well, Tom has his Bistro – Tom’s Bistro – to keep him occupied (At least until his fate takes over.), Garry becomes Mayor of Pawnee & finds his purpose in life and the Ann & Chris defy the trends and return to Pawnee. Or at least wish to do so.

I’m not going to lie – I was satisfied with the season finale of Parks and Recreation, but I wanted more. I wanted more emotion; I ┬áinvested 7 series worth of time, and I wanted to see more emotion from the team. They dedicated days, weeks, months, years, into playing their parts and I don’t think their genuine sadness and regret that the show was ending came through. I don’t think for a second that it wasn’t there – I’m confident it was, but I wanted to see it. I needed to see it.

But anyway, that’s it. It’s over. I’ve got a big Parks and Recreation hole to fill. A void space desperate for more of JJ’s pancakes and a mound of eggs, bacon and toast.

My final thought for you – where was Lil’ Sebastien in it all?