Leeds Festival pulls it out of the bag

Leeds Festival announced it’s latest string of acts for the 2015 Leeds & Reading Festivals.

They include Bastille, Panic At The Disco, Years & Years, Azealia Banks & The Cribs – but a few of the released names, and a few of my favourite artists and bands out there today.

I wasn’t sure what I’d do if the line-up didn’t improve; I’m a big Leeds Festival fan but haven’t attended for a few years – I declared that if Bastille were to attend again (Like they did so wonderfully in 2012) then I’d be there in a heartbeat. Looks like I’ve got a promise to keep.

Bastille deserve their shot; they’ve gone from Festival Republic in ’12 to Main stage (Two acts before the Libertines – oh, did I mention they’re the latest headliner?) this year. They’re made for festivals – I just hope that they bring something more than presence to their slot. They’ve got the performance and the feel good spirit on lockdown, so I hope they bring something else; visuals, CGI, anything. Something to really make their set spectacular.